About LCHC

LCHC will provide self-contained intergenerational and inclusive housing at fair rent levels for those who want to live in London in a different way: a way that both emphasises privacy and fosters a sense of community. Members of the co-op will have their own flat but won’t just live near each other. 

LCHC intends to build a three story straw bale apartment building in central London. The housing will be one part of LCNC

LCHC will implement environmentally sound practices such as using ecological building materials, renewable energy sources and universal design principles to create lifelong homes. 

As part of LCNC, members of LCHC can be part of wider communal practices such as a urban agriculture, food co-operative, shared meals and other activities will foster social cohesion.

LCHC will also be able to freely use a community space which will offer services such as work space, life long learning and a mutual fund to enhance the quality of life of the wider community as well as the housing co-op.


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